Born Equal – Women’s Rights Collection


This necklace is part of our 2022 Women’s Rights Benefit collection.

Initially, we set out to create necklaces that were equal in blue and pink as we wanted to express the desire for EQUAL RIGHTS and is the only one that is blue and pink that we actually clasped. 9 others have been left in draft form.

Two strands of coin freshwater irregular pearls and glass blue and pink inserts.

Initially, we wanted to balance blue and pink; the tragic death of Mahsa Amini took us in new directions:
 The celebration of courage and strength of women = bright and pink beads
 The sadness over the tragic loss of life and freedoms: Black and pink and tear-shaped beads
 The desire for gender equality = mix of pink and blue beads or its combination: purple.
20% of sales will go to Women for Women, a non-profit that helps women.  Adding purpose to art, Tonya hopes each purchase will bring about positive change where needed.

Length: XX inches

Weight XX grams

Note:  We can adjust the weight and the length


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Born Equal – Women’s Rights Collection

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