Born Free and Equal- Women’s Rights Collection

This necklace is part of our 2022 Women’s Rights Benefit collection.

Initially, we wanted to balance blue and pink; the tragic death of Mahsa Amini took us in new directions

  • The celebration of courage and strength of women = bright and pink beads
  • The sadness over the tragic loss of life and freedoms: Black and pink and tear-shaped beads
  • The desire for gender equality = mix of pink and blue beads, or its combination: purple.

This is our dearest wish, that all be born and stay: FREE and Equal. Purple glass, a HUGE statement amethyst as well as vintage metal beads- their “tear” shape symbolize our sadness at the erosion of worldwide women’s rights.

20% of sales will go to Women for Women, a non-profit that helps women.  Adding purpose to art, Tonya hopes each purchase will bring about positive change where needed.


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Born Free and Equal- Women’s Rights Collection

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