From the land of happiness

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Part of the Timeless Elegance: “Heritage Heirlooms: Crafting Stories of Timeless Beauty” 100% Vintage/antique: Antique Pendant from Bhutan (some stones are missing due to its age and add to its character- see pictures), most beads are vintage or antique:  carved red wood beads from China and antique coral with contemporary turquoise stones.

This stunning and exquisitely worked pendant was purchased during a two-week trekking trip to Bhutan, an enchanting country.  I have been attracted to Bhutan from a very young age-the land where the domestic product is measured not in terms of production but rather happiness! Legend has it that angels built the remarkable and sacred Tiger’s Nest- a Buddhist site hugging the Himalayas in the upper Paro valley.  I had kept this pendant for many years, trying to find the appropriate beads to pair it with. They had to be very special, too.

The Story of this Collection: Delve into the enchanting tales of the past with our Timeless Elegance collection. These necklaces are not just accessories; they are an invitation to treasure history and carry its grace into the future. Crafted with a modern and asymmetric twist, each piece is a timeless work of art, elegantly narrating stories of heritage. Your necklace, like you, is a unique masterpiece with its own name and story, contributing to an ensemble of heritage heirlooms that transcend time. By wearing these pieces, you become a living embodiment of the rich narratives that shaped our history.
Our business thrives on a deep appreciation for hand craftsmanship, history, and authenticity. We consciously use recycled and vintage materials not only for their artistic appeal but also for their eco-friendly footprint. This commitment extends to our support for artisans worldwide, preserving traditions and crafts while positively impacting their families’ livelihoods. Our foundation is built upon a passion for artisanal craftsmanship, a rich respect for history, and a dedication to authenticity. We carefully curate a collection of meticulously handcrafted items and rare vintage finds from across the globe. Our sourcing process prioritizes sustainable and ethical materials, ensuring our products embody cultural heritage and sustainability.


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Length: 48 cm

Weight: 160 grams

For personalized orders: Length and Weight can be modified to suit your preferences. Complete your set with matching Earrings for an additional $25. Feel free to reach out to us for any customization requests. Thank you!


By purchasing this item, which is 100% upcyclable, you’re contributing to a more sustainable fashion future and a healthier planet.

13,68 L of Water Saved


152 gram of Carbon Saved


95%  UpCycled

From the land of happiness

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