Guardian Angels


Fell in love with these uncommon two-toned carved angel coral beads. They are the anchor around which the necklace was designed. Some other favorites; of course, coin pearls and silver alloyed Turkish beads!!! Others include: clear and a variety of pink resin beads.

Prized for centuries for its natural beauty, Angel Skin Coral belongs in a rarefied circle of extraordinary gems. This precious coral hails from the seas around Japan, Taiwan and Hawaii. Similar to pearls, coral is one of the few precious gems grown by a living organism. Small marine animals called coral polyps grow a colorful calcium carbonate skeleton that over time forms a hardened complex of branches within the ocean depths. Angel skin color coral is less frequent than the redder coral.

20″ in length.

This unique necklace was inspired by October Breast Awareness Month. We are very pleased to have donated to this very worthy cause.


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Guardian Angels

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