100% Vintage/antique: Vintage/Antique Pendant from Bhutan, recycled brass disks from Ghana and antique Green Heart Beads* glass beads from Venice (estimated from 1400-1800s!!!!).

This stunning and exquisitely engraved pendant was purchased during a two-week trekking trip to Bhutan an enchanting country. Even the back of the pendant is exquisite! I have been attracted to Bhutan from a very young age- the land where the domestic product is measured not in terms of production rather happiness! Legend has it that angels built the remarkable and sacred Tiger’s nest- a Buddhist site hugging the Himalayas in the upper Paro valley.
I had kept this pendant for many years trying to find the appropriate beads to pair it with. They had to be very special too. A trip to one of my favorite store provided me with just THE RIGHT ones!
Old Green Heart Trade Beads.

*Green Heart Beads are distinguishable by their brick red color and translucent green core. The coloration of these popular Venetian glass beads was achieved by adding gold oxide to pink or purple glass. Initially, glass-makers were using gold oxide to produce beads in red only (possibly to imitate the popular carnelian beads traded in Africa), however, this proved too expensive long-term. They decided to produce cheaper beads by creating a translucent core from untreated glass, and simply coating it with a thin layer of red-colored glass. Green was used for the core until 1830, after which white and yellow glass were used. Green Heart Beads were produced in limited quantities between 1480 and 1830 due to the sheer expense involved. Because of their scarcity, they’re widely considered to be some of the most valuable and collectible types of trade beads on the market today.

20″ in Lenght

Whenever possible, we use recycled and vintage materials for their artistic merits and lower environmental impact.


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