My Bestie and Me

$50 CAD (Only two available- see next picture for choice of colors)

These earrings are part of our 2023 Friendship Collection

It is the women of Laos who have been instrumental in preserving and modernizing this beautiful art form. Each region boasts unique styles and motifs, capturing my heart with antique and contemporary embroidered works.

In the bustling markets, I discovered the graceful antique floral embroidery of the Tai Daeng people.  Today, it is the vibrant geometric patterns of the Hmong women that dominate the art scene. Unbreakable female bonds are formed as they embroider together, sharing stories and laughter while caring for their little ones. The patience and skill poured into cross-stitching, sewing, and stuffing these exquisite little hearts leave me in awe.

I couldn’t resist acquiring a collection, even without apparent use. But then, inspiration struck! When creating Asymmetric by Design’s inaugural Friendship Collection, I knew these hearts would perfectly symbolize love and friendship and women empowering one another.

Experience the joy of this affectionate collection, radiating true friendship. Don’t forget to tag your friends! I am immensely grateful for the tribe that empowers me every day.


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My Bestie and Me

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