Nature in all its Glory

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Part of the Earth Collection: “Blossoms of Sustainability to Heal our Planet” 

I just love green, it is such an uplifting color and symbolizes spring, growth, and nature.  Stunning antique Yemeni pendant, beads and bell with contemporary tassels. It was the tassels that inspired the color of this piece. They add another dimension to the piece.  Various styles and sizes of recycled glass beads and metal from Ghana (supporting families there).

The Story of this Collection: This collection is more than jewelry; it’s a commitment to the planet—an invitation to contribute to the planet and its biodiversity well-being. Crafted predominantly from vintage, antique, and recycled components, each necklace is a pledge to heal the Earth and protect its biodiversity. As you adorn yourself with these pieces, you join us in a meaningful journey toward a more sustainable and beautiful world. Each bead tells a story of renewal, echoing the importance of embracing eco-conscious choices for a harmonious and flourishing Earth.


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For personalized orders: Length and Weight can be modified to suit your preferences. Complete your set with matching Earrings for an additional $25. Feel free to reach out to us for any customization requests. Thank you!


By purchasing this item, which is 100% Upcyclable, you’re contributing to a more sustainable fashion future and a healthier planet.

16.47 L of Water Saved


1.9 Kg of Carbon Saved



100%  UpCycled/Recycled

Nature in all its Glory

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