Sunset over the desert


An exquisite and eclectic collection of fine silver and brass egg-shaped Afghan Turkmen beads that vary in size and design.  These are presumed to have been made in the 1960s given their very detailed workmanship.  I have paired them with both recycled glass beads from Ghana – each hand polished to give them a soft feel as well as cylinders made of recycled brass from Mali.  Although elements from different continents and time periods, the whole is remarkably harmonious, sophisticated, and warm.


Whenever possible, we use recycled and vintage material for their artistic merits and lower environmental impact.  We also love supporting artisans in the developing world, keeping traditions and handicrafts alive and transferred from generation to generation as well as helping to support their families.

Necklace Length: 21″
Category: Sustainable/Vintage/Antique


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Sunset over the desert

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