Water Dragon

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This necklace is part of our 2023 EARTH Collection

In Vietnam, I stumbled on these stunning antique Dragon Pipes. I just fell in love. I have always loved the symbolism of dragons: empowerment, good luck, fortune, and prosperity.

I named this piece water dragon: which is said to bring peace and unity – which I wish for the world.

Antique Afghani beads (supporting families there) and vintage Naga* Cobalt Teardrop Indonesian glass beads (1950s) from Beads of Paradis

*The Naga people of Northeast India and Northwest Burma comprise a conglomeration of different tribes, united under the “Naga” name to distinguish themselves as a unique political and cultural society within the border of other nations. Though little is known about the origins and history of the Naga people, the jewelry and beadwork for which they are known have been considered by some scholars to be the “most beautiful, elaborate ornamentations of any tribal culture”. For the Naga, their ornamentations are not mere decoration – they’re a part of the wearer’s identity and that of the tribe to which the wearer belongs.At Asymmetric by Design, we’re proud to join the global movement toward a more sustainable fashion future.

We’re excited to present our latest collection, made entirely from vintage, antique, and recycled materials. By using sustainable materials, we’re reducing waste and preserving the planet’s biodiversity, while creating unique and empowering wearable art. This vintage and recycled collection showcases how fashion and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

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Water Dragon

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