Wishing for Harmony

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This necklace is part of our 2024 Lunar New Year Collection-The Year of the Dragon

Dragons have always captivated my imagination with their mythical magic, boldness, and power. During my journey in Asia last year, I couldn’t resist bringing back some dragon-inspired treasures for this year’s Lunar collection! 🎉

Legend has it that the majestic creature brings good fortune, luck, harmony, wealth, and wisdom. However, there’s a beautiful catch: the dragon’s blessings are unleashed when people are kind and compassionate to each other FIRST. I love that!

Wishing you a wonderful year filled with positivity, understanding, and shared prosperity. Here’s to a magical and harmonious Year of the Dragon! 🐲💖

Vintage beautiful and large carved sand-colored jade dragon.   I paired it with white and sand agate beads and brass beads from Ghana made using the traditional lost wax tradition.

Note:  We can adjust the weight and the length


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Wishing for Harmony

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