Radiate Purpose, Ignite Change: The Journey of Asymmetric by Design

Asymmetric by Design materialized, a manifesto of a life lived in 11 countries and touring the globe, witnessing disparities, erosion of human rights, and impacts of climate change. Its creation was underscored by my realization early on that I had won the lottery of life and had a responsibility and duty to be a catalyst for positive change but it would take me years before I took the plunge.

The pivotal juncture arrived during the pandemic, which not only emboldened me to venture independently, but also provided invaluable time for introspection. Drawing from my experience as country head of Army of Mask – Canada, I embarked on a profound exploration of my passions, what differentiated me and my potential contributions to the world.

Among my earliest and most enduring passions lies the realm of antique and vintage beads and jewelry. This fascination was first ignited in the legendary Souk of Khan Khalili in Cairo, where hours morphed into afternoons while poring over bags of fragments of old silver.  It was an Aladdin’s cave of treasures, timeless and storied, that enthralled me for life at the tender age of 10. Over the ensuing 45 years, I meticulously scoured flea markets, estate sales, and markets – all in pursuit of unique beads and treasures.

Leveraging over two and a half decades in marketing, strategic planning, and branding, my intention was to forge more than a brand. I sought to birth an activist movement, a conduit for crucial conversations, a symbol of purpose and sustainability. I endeavored to designed not just products, but a manifesto – a testament to my commitment to infuse visual allure, intellectual engagement, and societal resonance into every unique design piece.

The challenging process of narrowing my focus led me to champion two paramount causes: Human Rights, particularly the empowerment of women, and the preservation of our Planet. Asymmetric by Design’s heartbeat resonates with this focused mission – to engender a net-positive impact on both society and the environment.

“Radiate Purpose, Ignite Change: Wearable Art Championing Equal Rights and a Thriving Planet for All” encapsulates our ethos. The world is in dire need of leaders who transcend mere profitability and dedicate themselves to the service of society, the safeguarding of human rights, and the preservation of our planet. Asymmetric by Design echoes this call, advocating for a circular and regenerative economy.

The choice of the world “Asymmetric” was very deliberate:

In the midst of these asymmetrical dynamics, our name serves as a beacon, illuminating these issues, sparking conversations, and prompting action.

"Design" encompasses art and also purpose- Wearable art with a message!

My aspiration is for my creations to be conduits for conversations, sparking engagement and propelling individuals toward effecting positive change. Through my designs, I strive to infuse significance, purpose, and impact, contributing to a more conscious and equitable global narrative.

And so, my journey continues. Founding Asymmetric by Design is not just an endeavor; it’s a voyage. From the roots planted in my earliest experiences, to the selection of a name that resonates with my vision of a purpose-driven brand – this voyage is marked by intention, meaning, and an unyielding commitment to effect change. As the journey unfolds, we anticipate new ways to spark conversations and inspire action, eager for you to join us.


Welcome to Asymmetric by Design, where purpose takes form, change takes root, and every piece of wearable art echoes a commitment to equality and a thriving planet.  Join us on this journey of purposeful transformation.

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About Tonya

The vision for Asymmetric by Design is began in Egypt in 1978, where Tonya, the daughter of a Canadian diplomat, discovered her passion for antique beads and silver. Soon she became a collector of these unique time capsules and a student of their role in culture and history.

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