Beautiful Savannah


All the brass in this piece has been made using the Lost Wax Casting method- that is each has been sculpted in bees was first- before the recycled metal is melted and cast in the mold!  Here we have stayed in Africa- Ghana brass, bone, vintage trading beads, large African amber and old carved carnelian stones.   The tones in this necklace are very warm and inviting.  Definitively a 4 season necklace.


There is a slight imperfection on the mask.  Each brass piece is handmade.  We find it added to the character, makes it a greater talking piece and reinforces the artisanal aspect of the sculpted piece.  We have gotten raved reviews regarding this piece.  Our first attempt- did not even make it to the website and was bought right away!


Necklace Length: 21″
Category: Sustainable/Vintage/Antique


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Beautiful Savannah

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