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Part of the Diversity and Inclusion Collection: An exquisite eclectic collection of carved beads from around the world in various tones.   The focal point is a stunning collector’s pure silver bead (stamped with the bead maker’s signature.) This is a one-of-a-kind antique PURE SILVER bead from Yemen. Handmade by the best Yemeni silversmiths in those days. It’s a rare find.

Vintage wood, bone, resin carved beads from Asia and antique beads from Afghanistan (supporting families there).


The Story of this Collection: It intricately weaves a vibrant tapestry of inclusion through carefully chosen symbols. Each necklace serves as a powerful statement, declaring that beauty flourishes in embracing diversity across all its forms – be it gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and more. Incorporating eclectic beads of diverse shapes, sizes, textures, and materials from various times and places, this collection profoundly celebrates humanity’s rich mosaic. It captures the essence of a more inclusive and tolerant world by symbolizing interconnectedness and the strength derived from unity.
We use recycled and vintage materials for their artistic merits and lower environmental impact whenever possible. We also love supporting artisans in the developing world, keeping traditions and handicrafts alive and transferred from generation to generation, and helping to support their families.


Note: We can adjust the weight and the length and make matching earrings for $25



At Asymmetric by Design, we’re proud to join the global movement toward a more sustainable fashion future.

We’re excited to present our latest collection, made entirely from vintage, antique, and recycled materials. By using sustainable materials, we’re reducing waste and preserving the planet’s biodiversity, while creating unique and empowering wearable art. This vintage and recycled collection showcases how fashion and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

Matching earrings are available.

Note:  We can adjust the weight and the length


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Length: 24 cm

Weight: 120 grams

For personalized orders: Length and Weight can be modified to suit your preferences. Complete your set with matching Earrings for an additional $25. Feel free to reach out to us for any customization requests. Thank you!


By purchasing this item, which is 100% Upcyclable, you’re contributing to a more sustainable fashion future and a healthier planet.

10.8 L of Water Saved



1.3 Kg of Carbon Saved


  100 %  Upcycled

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