Lush Mountains

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Earth Collection:

This exquisite necklace is composed exclusively of vintage beads.  Indeed, it features various vintage Afghan Kazakh ethnic tribal alpaca oval beads, 100% handmade most with beautiful enamel workmanship. The Kazakh nomads, who settled in northern Afghanistan, are renowned for their unique hand-beaten metal beads adorned with semi-precious stone enamel inlays, a distinctive Kazakh trademark.

The necklace pairs these intricate beads with vintage malachite and green resin beads, creating a striking blend of textures and colors.

The hollow metal beads, decorated with intricate silver wirework, circular frames, and semi-precious stone inlays, also feature their signature ‘false granulation’—triangular imprints that add to their unique appeal. Crude in texture and individually handmade, these beads have become a significant currency for trading goods.

Often mistaken for Turkoman craftsmanship, Kazakh beads stand apart with their distinct style and lack of ‘False Granulation’. The Kazakh nomads, also called Kuchi Kazakhs, now number close to three million, mainly settled in northern Afghanistan.

This necklace belongs to our Earth Collection, which celebrates the rich cultural heritage and sustainable craftsmanship of the Kazakh people and symbolizes our commitment to protecting the planet and its diverse cultures.

The Story of this Collection: This collection is more than jewelry; it’s a commitment to the planet—an invitation to contribute to its biodiversity well-being. Crafted predominantly from vintage, antique, and recycled components, each necklace is a pledge to heal the Earth and protect its biodiversity. As you adorn yourself with these pieces, you join us in a meaningful journey toward a more sustainable and beautiful world. Each bead tells a story of renewal, echoing the importance of embracing eco-conscious choices for a harmonious and flourishing Earth.
Our business thrives on a deep appreciation for hand craftsmanship, history, and authenticity. We consciously use recycled and vintage materials not only for their artistic appeal but also for their eco-friendly footprint. This commitment extends to our support for artisans worldwide, preserving traditions and crafts while positively impacting their families’ livelihoods. Our foundation is built upon a passion for artisanal craftsmanship, a rich respect for history, and a dedication to authenticity. We carefully curate a collection of meticulously handcrafted items and rare vintage finds from across the globe. Our sourcing process prioritizes sustainable and ethical materials, ensuring our products embody cultural heritage and sustainability.

Note: We can adjust the weight and the length and make matching earrings for $25



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Length: 48 cm

Weight:  57 grams

For personalized orders: Length and Weight can be modified to suit your preferences. Complete your set with matching Earrings for an additional $25. Feel free to reach out to us for any customization requests. Thank you!


By purchasing this item, which is 100% Upcyclable, you’re contributing to a more sustainable fashion future and a healthier planet.

5,6 L of Water Saved


62 gram of Carbon Saved



100%  UpCycled

Lush Mountains

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