Bold and Inclusive Leadership

$150 CAD
Part of the Women’s Right BENEFIT Collection: “EmpowerHER Collection”
The necklace comprises 100% vintage beads, HUGE yet light metal multisize metal beads, and “nut” shaped resin purple beads.  It is a really fun and statement necklace.  We use purple to symbolize our wish for equal rights (purple is the combination of blue and pink).  The white symbolizes peace and harmony-with more women in leadership, we hope this can happen.
The Story of this Collection: Amid global challenges to women’s rights, this collection paints stories of courage and strength. Vibrant pink beads celebrate empowerment, while tear-shaped black beads express sorrow for lost freedoms. The desire for gender equality is symbolized by a blend of pink and blue or the fusion into purple. Each necklace becomes a narrative of unwavering commitment, a radiant tribute to women who have and continue to stand boldly for their rights.
20% of the proceeds from this Benefit Collection for Women will go to, an NGO that provides women survivors of war and conflict with skills to support their families and create sustainable change.  Adding purpose to art, we hope each purchase will bring about positive change where needed.




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Length: 45.5 cm

Weight: 205 grams

Note:  We can adjust the weight and the length


By purchasing this item, you’re contributing to a more sustainable fashion future and a healthier planet.  It is 100% upcyclable.

2.9 L of Water Saved


320 g of Carbon Saved


  100%  UpCycled

Bold and Inclusive Leadership

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