The World is your Oyster

$125 CAD

Part of the Timeless Elegance Collection: “Heritage Heirlooms: Crafting Stories of Timeless Beauty”

Beautiful vintage pendant with mother-of-pearl, different color grey pearls and pieces of grey mother-of-pearl.

The Story of this Collection: Delve into the enchanting tales of the past with our Timeless Elegance collection. These necklaces are not just accessories; they are an invitation to treasure history and carry its grace into the future. Crafted with a modern and asymmetric twist, each piece is a timeless work of art, elegantly narrating stories of heritage. Your necklace, like you, is a unique masterpiece with its own name and story, contributing to an ensemble of heritage heirlooms that transcend time. By wearing these pieces, you become a living embodiment of the rich narratives that shaped our history.



Note:  We can adjust the weight and the length


Availability: 1 in stock


Length: 44 cm

Weight: 48.2 grams

For personalized orders: Length and Weight can be modified to suit your preferences. Complete your set with matching Earrings for an additional $25. Feel free to reach out to us for any customization requests. Thank you!


By purchasing this item, which is 100% Upcyclable, you’re contributing to a more sustainable fashion future and a healthier planet.

0.8 L of Water Saved


101 grams of Carbon Saved



20%  UpCycled

The World is your Oyster

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